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A grumble to you

Monday, July 19, 2010


You know me..
You always understand me..
You care for me..
You forgive me..
You always by my side..
You love me..

But you left.

They don't.
Maybe they don't.
I don't blame them.
Just a bit sad.
I m not acting blur.
But she just can't believe.
You said you worry because i m always so blur. funny..n i m so sorry..
n..I m tired of giving any response.

I still love them so much
She lighten up my day..
She listen to me..
She shares her story..
What a wonderful friend i got..

I guess you know everything
I m sorry for it
I m not good
I ran away.
Are you going to tell me 
"never mind..everything will be fine.." ???
I hope you are happy all the time

Don't worry about me..
I m learning guitar n I m happy..
I can fix them all..
I will take care of them..
I will try my best..
I miss you
n I love you

From: me  ^^