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Saturday, April 17, 2010

When it comes to study, exam..
I really bo sim
Yet, i m still here, study for DVM, study for exam??

I don't know
Is it you that make me cannot focus??
Because i spend too much energy to figure out what's going so wrong between me and you..yes i do..
But anyway, you are not the one to be blamed..

Oftentimes, many things,
I m lazy to explain
because i know...
people will not take it, people will not believe
I know..because i do that too...
when i have set my mind, my perception to it, it's hard to change it.
I understand, I don't blame
Just, get tired, sometimes, especially when you are down down down..

Things are not as simple as you think..
People are as complex as anatomy and physiology..
I cannot read your mind..
I don't like isi tersirat..

I am not as complicated as you see..
I think in simple way..
I say it because it really comes out in my mind..
I laugh because i am happy, at least at that moment..
I think its rubbish when people say 'i don't say because i dont want hurt you'
I say it because i mean it (except when i angry, i cant think straight..sorry)

That is me
Whatever you want to add in, its up to you
It maybe true, it may be not
I m not perfect
I appreciate..if you are to help..